College Program

Get your students Learn Six Sigma certified and gain industry 4.0 knowledge with the newest toolsets that are used in operation efficiency. This will enhance your campus drive success rate.

This will be one of your strongest asset helping students landing in bigger platform

Empanel your college for outstanding benefits


Most Companies’ six sigma Black Belt and Six Sigma master Black Belt professionals who works on profitability and productivity projects with a team of Six Sigma Green Belts.

Students with Six Sigma knowledge and certification can easily fit into that gap by demonstrating the stand apart up-skills.

We handhold with colleges to train the different levels on the various tools of LEAN and SIX SIGMA.


Placement hunting becomes easy with this decision-making tool that is provided to your students by us. This course enhances the reputation of the institute. You are able to meet the requirements of the placement companies.

Your 6 Sigma trained and certified students demonstrate superb profitability and productivity knowledge that ultimately enhances their marketability.

Recruiting companies emphasize students who have up-skilled themselves with this best managerial tool named 6 Sigma, than those who have only subjective up-skills.

  • The placement drive goes easy.

  • An average perk in internship and placement increases.

  • Placement % increases.

  • Student worth increases.

  • Parents’ happiness index increases.


Everything moves around profitability, cost control, rejection control, rework minimization. Students with this knowledge get an edge. Leaders and decision-makers lead a team of engineers and professionals based on their mastery of organic growth tools like LEAN tools. Your placement with a big perk happens with your knowledge and certification of 6 Sigma.

  • Competitive advantage. 

  • Empower with decision-making tools.

  • Visible project management approach.

  • Contributing team player.

  • Faster process understanding.

  • Superb problem over.

  • An organizational asset with high ROI.


  • Yellow Belt

  • White Belt

  • Green Belt

  • Black Belt

Different levels will have different training schedules and modules.

The organization will be classified in to different levels based on the functions and responsibilities.


This customized college program will be imparted both onsite and online.

There will be a key account manager to handle individual account and he will be the single point contact to all the queries.

The team of experts will train on the methodologies and will help the team identify the customized cases to work on and will carry out regular assessments to understand the transfer efficacy.

The training will be completed with successful completion certificate .



Let us know your student strength .Our team of expert will get in touch with you to understand the campus drive details and rest assured, we will provide the best roll out plan to kick start the training handholding program.


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