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Why SIX Sigma Black Belt Training & Certification ??

Growth Passport

What’s better than giving your career a headstart that ensures you will be considered a leader regardless of the field you work in or operate in. Lean six sigma black belt certification is a highly in-demand set of methodologies that make use of statistical tools, data, and concepts to determine faults, errors, and issues in a process within an organization.

Become IASSC Ready

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification provided by Detroit Learning aims at training the students so that the students are able to sit for the IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Exam and achieve the professional designation of IASSC Certified Black Belt while obtaining a minimum percentile of 70%.

Applied knowledge

An accredited lean Six Sigma black belt Certification gives an indication that an individual has managed to attain a specific level of knowledge and expertise or leadership qualities in the study and implementation of this methodology. An individual equipped with the Lean Six Sigma Certification Black Belt can be considered the one that has a thorough and deep understanding of the complete Six Sigma Body of Knowledge.

Stand Apart in the Race

Ultimately, the major goal of six sigma black belt certification online is to ensure that you are an important and valuable asset in any industry and enhance your career significantly. A Six Sigma Black Belt certified individual has a thorough cognizance of both the Six Sigma philosophies and principles including all the supporting systems and tools.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Online Process


Before starting a six sigma black belt training you must be a lean six sigma green belt certified individual.

Get Enrolled

Click here and fill up your details to enroll and, We will connect with you ASAP!

Get Training and Study Material

After successful enrollment you have to login on the detroit learning website and download study material and six sigma black belt certification online schedule.

Become Eligible to Appear in Certification Exam

After Successful training sessions and with the help of IASSC focussed study material you will be trained to become not only eligible but a start performer of lean six sigma black belt certification.

Get Certified

Get a lean six sigma black belt certification online and get a ladder for the new heights in your career!

Significance of a Black Belt Certified Individual

The Six Sigma Black Belt Certification obtained from Detroit Learning reflects a clear and in-depth understanding of leading a team in an organization, the dynamics of the team, and the capability to successfully assign team members with appropriate roles and responsibilities.
In addition to this, Detroit Learning is certainly the best Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training institute because it equips the student with high-level knowledge and understanding of the DMAIC model (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) according to the Six Sigma principles and strategies. Here, the individual will be exposed to the lean enterprise concepts and required skills to quickly identify non-value-added activities.

Six Sigma Black Belt Industrial and Departmental Advantages


A Six Sigma professional provides the appropriate tools and training to achieve goals like reducing the medical/procedural/prescription errors while improving the efficiency of the process and enhancing the individual’s experience.


Engineering in designing, process, and the system is key to success in Engineering based organization and Six sigma professional optimizes the function by reducing the inefficiencies through variation analysis and problem-solving.


Manufacturing will positively impact your career by providing a deep understanding of not only the methodology but the leadership role within Six Sigma. A Lean Six Sigma Online Black Belt Certification in Manufacturing will demonstrate your ability to be a leader in the execution of Six Sigma projects.


A Six Sigma certified professional provides the tools to minimize development rework, improve process efficiency, achieve lead time, cost minimization. It helps to minimize the source of wastage.


Each project has objectives like Scope, Time, Cost and Quality. The six sigma professional will definitely capitalize on the relationship between scope & quality, and between time & cost.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification and training

Starting with what is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification, we must emphasize the fact that it provides credibility to the organization that the Six Sigma practitioner is a certified individual. The certified Six Sigma Black Belt will be carrying the potential to demonstrate the skills such as leadership, problem-solving, understanding the importance of team dynamics, and assigning roles and responsibilities to the team members.
Detroitlearning is a leading name among the institutes that offer Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma training to individuals. The institute is spearheaded by professional Six Sigma practitioners, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt certified individuals with years of experience in practicing these methodologies based on the DMAIC approach.
As for the answer to the question of how to get Six Sigma Black Belt certification, you can rely on the worthiness of the Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, and Lean six sigma Green Belt certification offered by Detroit Learning. The institute is well-recognized for providing the best-in-class Six Sigma Black Belt certification online and online Black Belt training so that the trainee can crack the Lean Six Sigma certification exam.
Looking forward to getting yourself enrolled in the top Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification online? Learn more about the Six Sigma Black Belt certification requirements and Six Sigma Black Belt certification cost by contacting one of the representatives of Detroit Learning.

Why choose Six Sigma Certification from Detroit Learning?

Higher Salary Package

This is the most basic and obvious necessity and the requirement to add value to your resume. The best way to do that is to stand yourself apart from the competition which you can do with the certification acquired at Detroit Learning. As it provides the assurance to the organization that the certified individual’s knowledge can lay a significant impact on the profits incurred by the organization.

Career Advancement

It has been witnessed recently due to the dramatic increase in the competition that individuals, even after having their MBAs are devoid of their desired organizations. However, with the completion of the Six Sigma certification, comes the credibility of your work efficiency and leadership skills that will ultimately contribute to the need to hire you.

Reducing Organizational Errors

Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of the Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt, organizations have become well aware of the fact that these certified individuals are equipped with the potential to minimize manufacturing and production errors. In addition to this, they can assist the company in optimizing their processes for the best while simultaneously saving a lot of their money.

Job Security

Probably the most promising factor to ensure job security is to make yourself so important and requisite to the employer that you can not be removed. As the employer will be aware that you can help in reducing errors and defects in a process.

Leadership Skills and Opportunities

It goes without saying if you are capable of doing things others can not do better than you, you can lead the tasks and processes while assigning suitable roles and responsibilities to other employees in the organization, and you are a valuable asset to the organization, you will be presented a lot of opportunities.

How you can contribute to Industries?

  • Cut Costs by Eliminating Errors.

  • Improve Quality.

  • Increase Customer Loyalty.

  • Increase Employability Potential.

  • Increase Salary Potential.

  • Improve Corporate Culture.

  • Leadership Opportunity.

  • Job Security.

  • Career Advancement.

  • Project Success.

  • Less Service Error.

  • Increase Performance.


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