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SIX Sigma Green Belt ?


Six Sigma Green Belt is the first step towards reaching the Six Sigma Black Belt and becoming a part of the team to process improvement. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training and certification offered at Detroit Learning is carried out with an aim of allowing all the candidates regardless of their profession, age, gender, type of industry, and industry exposure, to take part and steer improvement projects and processes across all kinds of domain and businesses.


The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification equips an individual with the authority and skill of eliminating errors, defects, issues, waste, and unwanted processes while minimizing the differences in the processes by utilizing the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) approach.


Here, at Detroit Learning, the training for Lean Six Sigma certification Green Belt takes place while explaining the proper utilization of all the Six Sigma tools, strategies, and methodologies that can assist in bringing out solutions to various business problems and can help to reach the organizational goals.


Six Sigma principles and methodologies help in steering performance improvement projects, managing and handling teams, and assigning adequate resources and tasks, leading teams with sincere and disciplined leadership skills, and take important decisions within an organization that can have an impact on the process, production, and the overall outcome of the organization.

Significance of a Green Belt Certified Individual

First of all, the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training is taken up by the individuals who possess an intention to get involved in the process improvement while leading tasks, human resources, manufacturing, and production that too along with eliminating errors and defects to ensure the maximum profit to the organization. There is no denying that improvement and increased profits are the two demands that will never go out of priority in the list of an organization’s wishes for the business.
The Detroit Learning training and certified Six Sigma individual is considered a professional who is well versed with the core concepts and advanced elements of the Lean Six Sigma methodologies and strategies. In addition to this, the certified individual is considered a leader with the potential to lead the improvement projects within an organization along with serving as a solution provider for complex issues and problems faced by the business.

Six Sigma Green Belt Industrial and Departmental Advantages


A Six Sigma professional provides the appropriate tools and training to achieve goals like reducing the medical/procedural/prescription errors while improving the efficiency of the process and enhancing the individual’s experience.


Engineering in designing, processes, and the system is key to success in Engineering based organization and Six Sigma professional optimizes the function by reducing the inefficiencies through variation analysis and problem-solving.


Manufacturing will positively impact your career by providing a deep understanding of not only the methodology but the leadership role within Six Sigma. A Lean Six Sigma Online Black Belt Certification in manufacturing will demonstrate your ability to be a leader in the execution of Six Sigma projects.


A Six Sigma certified professional provides the tools to minimize development rework, improve process efficiency, achieve lead time, cost minimization. It helps to minimize the source of wastage.


Each project has objectives like Scope, Time, Cost, and Quality. The Six Sigma professional will definitely capitalize on the relationship between scope & quality and between time & cost.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Online

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training program designed by the professional and experienced trainers at Detroit Learning is extensively comprehensive. Any individual pursuing the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training online from the Detroit Learning platform will be considered a certified Six Sigma practitioner and will be entitled to assist Six Sigma Black Belt professionals in leading organizational processes.
The expert and certified trainers at Detroit Learning are dedicated to equipping the students with the advanced elements and principles of Lean Six Sigma methodology so that they can excel in the Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam.
Looking forward to getting enrolled in an institute that offers the best Lean Six Sigma black belt certification and Green Belt cost? Detroit Learning platform is your one-stop destination while being known for providing valuable Six Sigma training at the most affordable Green Belt certification cost.

Why Choose Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from Detroit Learning?

Added Value and Worth

Every organization or business wants employees that have the potential to bring about a notable change, improvement, or profit to the organization. Hence, all the employees looking for higher job profiles are searching for methods that can add value to their resumes.

Beat Competition

Amid this, Six Sigma has emerged as a top contender in the list of courses and training to pursue in order to add a significant value and worth to the individual’s resume so that he/she can have an upper hand over the competition in the market and the ability to allure organizations to value them as an indispensable employee.

Excel in Examination

Detroit Learning is undoubtedly one of the best institutes that offer 6 Sigma Green Belt certification to the candidates preparing to sit for the MCQ-based online exam. The students should lay an emphasis on the fact that the program offered by us is designed in a way that you will feel confident and knowledgeable enough to crack the certification exam without any hesitation.

Training With Experts

The Master Black Belt certified trainers at the institution will train you for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification online and will be leaving you equipped with the best-in-class Six Sigma strategies and techniques that are highly demanded by the organizations currently.

Best-in-class Experience

We prepare you for the test with sample question papers and effective study material so that no card is left unturned. Here, the individual will be getting a chance to be exposed to the industrial veterans and experts who are out there in the market for years and are equipped with experiences that can assist you in tackling new challenges.

How you can contribute to Industries?

  • Cut Costs by Eliminating Errors.

  • Improve Quality.

  • Increase Customer Loyalty.

  • Increase Employability Potential.

  • Increase Salary Potential.

  • Improve Corporate Culture.

  • Leadership Opportunity.

  • Job Security.

  • Career Advancement.

  • Project Success.

  • Less Service Error.

  • Increase Performance.


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