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Accredited Lean Six Sigma Certification | Commence Your Six Sigma Journey Under Experts’ Mentorship at Detroit.

Become a certified Six Sigma practitioner and get equipped with the strategies and methodologies infused in the Lean Six Sigma concept.

Program Introduction

Lean Six Sigma is about leveraging the principles and tools to abate business risk – at all levels of an organization. At top management level , LSS is a strategic vision that epitomizes business success. it is a tactical system of project management that optimizes the control function of a commercial or industrial enterprise. It’s a scientific approach for minimizing or eliminating certain forms of business risk commonly associated with the operation of critical processes. LSS is a personal way of thinking that unites the power of deductive reasoning with the benefits commonly associated with data-driven decision making.

Program Description

The DETROIT LEARNING Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training Program is intended to develop practitioners that are capable of facilitating their respective organizations toward best-in-class status by reducing costs, improving cycle times, eliminating defects, eliminating variation and increasing customer satisfaction. White Belts are basically trained individuals who possess the technical knowledge and skills that are necessary to facilitate breakthrough improvements in key processes that support the overall business aims and operational goals of an enterprise. Precisely, White Belts are individual contributors or front line managers that:
  • Work with project teams to optimize existing technology, or bring new technologies on line at optimal operating conditions.
  • Practice the principles solving operational problems through the analysis of performance data.
  • Implement technical capability to improve the performance of an existing industrial or commercial process.
  • Solve specific process or design – centric problems that have a negative impact on customer satisfaction, operational capability, output capacity, cycle time and other performance related metrics.

Target Audience and Eligibility

This program of study has been designed for individual contributors and managers seeking vertical mobility or pursuing horizontal opportunities within their respective fields of practice. The successful candidate enjoys working with data and solving problems, as well as working in a project-based, team- oriented environment. Basic arithmetic and computer skills are essential. In this context, a fundamental understanding of Excel is recommended, but not essential. Furthermore, a most basic understanding of algebra is a plus, but not required. Generally speaking, the successful completion of any undergraduate degree program will likely support the academic demands of this program.

Program Goals

Upon completion of this program of study, the candidate will be able to successfully:
  • Practice the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology and basic set of analytical tools
  • Apply the Lean Six Sigma knowledge and skills in support of work – team goals, objectives and tasks
  • Implement the DMAIC methodology and tools to facilitate the execution of improvement in projects
  • Utilize the principles and practices of Lean Six Sigma to better frame and solve daily problems.
  • Improve business value for the customer and provider in a concurrent and synergistic way.

Program Focus

The Lean Six Sigma White Belt program of study will focus on several key areas:
  • Six Sigma principles, practices, tools and application tactics
  • Lean principles, practices and application tactics
  • Types and uses of performance data, sampling schemes and data collection
  • Principles and practices associated with process characterization and optimization.

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification

The Lean Six Sigma White Belt training incorporates the basic concepts of Six Sigma into the minds of the learners. After pursuing the Six Sigma certification White Belt from Detroit Learning, a leading institute in the field of offering quality Six Sigma training and certification, the certified individual will be credible to assist with alteration management within an organization.
The Six Sigma White Belt certificate acquired from Detroit Learning will contribute significantly to your resume and your career. Become eligible of participating in solving the internal problems that arise within the organization and work with teams on improvement projects. Get enrolled in the best institute for Lean Six Sigma White Belt training and certification.

Certification Path

In order to obtain the DETROIT LEARNING Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification each and every candidate must complete the following steps:

Online Self – Paced or Class Training

The total instructional time for the DETROIT LEARNING Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training is 3 days (classroom) or 24 hours (online). Of course, for the online format participants can take the time they need and set their own schedule.

Knowledge Assessments Exams.

Completion of 7 Knowledge Assessments Exams. Each module assessment comprises of 12 to 102 questions which participants need to score more than 70%.

DETROIT LEARNING International Certification.

Upon the completion of every requirement the candidate will receive the certificate for the DETROIT LEARNING Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training Program.


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